Looking back at Alpine Tales 2016

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Alpine Tales 2016, was the second edition of  our Winter School of Constructivist Psychology has held in Pecol di Zoldo, from February 4th to 7th.

 Please, click here to read the complete event program.

We decided to share the memories of these intense 4 days, by showing some pictures and by asking some participants to gives their feedback and comments on their experience during Alpine Days 2016.


 “AT alla sua seconda edizione si conferma per me uno spazio di genuino scambio e condivisione. Descriverei questi giorni come un generatore di idee e spunti di riflessione. Un luogo dove spendere e prendere energie (anche grazie alla cornice naturale)!  – Eleonora Belloni

 “AT in its second edition confirmed for me a genuine exchange and sharing space. I would describe these days as a generator of ideas and insights. A place to spend and take energy (also due to the natural frame)! ” Eleonora Belloni



“This year’s Alpine Tales surpassed my experience, having revelled in the first Alpine Tales event, this year I thought was even better. The Open Space sessions worked really well, I found the discussions generated a huge number of ideas and hope the record of the groups can be collated. All the workshops I attended were both stimulating and well organised. The organisation of the whole event was remarkable, everyone felt looked after, cared for and listened to. It looked effortless but I know it can’t have been. Thank you again, I’ve become an Alpine Tales enthusiast and hope I’m able to join in next year.” – Chris Walker



 “Alpine Tales 2016 was wonderful. I’ve learnt so much about pre-verbal and embodied construing on a personal and professional level. In addition, the atmosphere, the company and organisation of the event was just perfect. I cannot wait to come to the 2017 workshop. Thank you to the organisers and all participants!” – Dorota Joanna Bourne

Alpine Tales 2016 – my second trip to the winter school hDSC_0239ouse in the Dolomites. Warmest thanks to the organising team from ICP who created and facilitated this wonderful event. We experienced a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and a range of fascinating workshops on topics ranging from construing the voice and body work to science education and teacher development. All the sessions were engaging, participative, and inclusive – full of ideas, examples and inspiration. The daily sessions of Open Space discussion were beautifully managed with a minimal but helpful structure, leaving notes and questions for each for each other as the group membership changed from day to day. Discussion topics included PCP & Society including international relations and political activism, anDSC_0263Nonverbal Communication – including PCP methods and practice ideas as well as personal reflections and explorations. Our beautiful setting in the Italian Alps is part of the special magic of Alpine Tales, and once again the weather was perfect for skiing or walking the woodland trails in snow and sun. Food was delicious and plentiful, beautifully organised by the ICP team with groups of volunteers for each mealtime, and evenings were spent with music, games, film extracts, and conversation round the log fire. An unforgettable experience, thank you!”

– Mary Frances



“Thank you for the most pleasant, thoughtful, interesting and tasty academic event. The workshops were very interesting, some of them really exciting. The discussions were important since everyone learned a lot from sharing ideas. The opportunity to have free time for meeting new friends and learning from each other was just right. The food was delicious and the wine was excellent. Above all, your attention to every little detail made our stay in the winter school perfect. You even managed to organize wonderful winter sun and snow weather! 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity to learn about PCP and RGT in such a welcoming atmosphere.”

Ronit Rozenszajn and Yael Kashtan, Israel



IMG_8157Hope to see you in the next adventure. We are all waiting for Alpine Tales 2017!