Looking back at Alpine Tales 2015

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AlpineTales2015 (4)Alpine Tales 2015, the first PCP Winter School, was held in Pecol di Zoldo, a renowned skiing location in the beautiful Italian Dolomites, from February 5th to 8th.

Alpine Tales was targeted to all at PCP professionals (teachers, students, clinicians, scholars and researchers) interested in exchanging ideas and experiences on PCP theories and practices. The Winter School took place over 4 days, offering a programme of workshops, practical learning experiences, open space technology and international supervisions.
There was time to visit the surrounding area, to relax or to enjoy the local winter sports, socializing and exchanging ideas and interests in a more informal way.

AlpineTales2015 (8)The event was held at “Stella Battistella Moccia”, a traditional alpine house. In the Alpine house the activities are self-organized and the staff is not included, therefore all the Winter School participants were invited to contribute in managing and cleaning the house.

PCP professionals from Italy and all over Europe were welcomed on the Dolomites, and enthusiatically engaged in workshops and fun activities.

Please, click here to read the complete event program.

We decided to preserve the memories of these intense 4 days, by sharing with you some pictures and by asking some participants to gives their feedback and comments on their experience during Alpine Days 2015.

AlpineTales2015 (10)Alpine Tales was an excellent and memorable experience. I really enjoyed the mix of thoughtful open-space discussions, interesting and interactive workshops, free time for winter sports or relaxation, and so much lovely food! The communal activities of living together built a strong and happy group, and everything was organised beautifully but with a light touch. Our spectacular Alpine setting with two days of gentle snowfall was a truly magical experience. Congratulations to the creative and hardworking team from ICP – hopefully this can be an annual event in our calendar.” – Mary Frances

AlpineTales2015Workshops (14)

“Alpine Tales è stata un’ esperienza ricca di spunti professionali internazionali da un lato, e magica dall’altro grazie alla condivisione di emozioni e di momenti speciali in cui riscoprire le diverse voci dell’altro e di se stessi.” – Alessia Faccio

AlpineTales2015 (3)

“Alpine Tales è stata l’occasione per vivere direttamente la psicologia fatta non dai numeri, ma dalle persone, dal condividere assieme luoghi e spazi di lavoro, dal partecipare a momenti di socialità e, perché no, anche di svago, senza per questo perdere di profondità ed efficacia. Ognuno era parte di ciò che stava accadendo, e ha contribuito col suo personale apporto a darvi vita, un po’ come una cellula in un organismo.” – Marco Ranieri

AlpineTales2015Workshops (11)“Alpine Tales è un’esperienza che si porta nel cuore, ma che difficilmente si può descrivere a parole. Lo sforzo di dare significato ad una teoria viene meno quando questa viene vissuta in tutte le sue forme, odori e colori. Mi porto a casa lo sguardo argentato delle montagne e il caldo confortevole del camino, che hanno fatto da cornice all’incontro con l’altro durante la spontanea condivisione di pensieri, sorrisi, pasti caldi e persino canzoni!!! Il contributo di ciascuno di voi è un tesoro prezioso.” – Laura Gagliardo

Thank you so much for such a wonderful alpine adventure in constructivist action. I loved the whole experience. Super people – so friendly, welcoming, open to exploring ideas, fun to be with. Being picked up from airport and dropped back to bus station was much appreciated. Super programme – good variety, creative, thought-provoking, engaging with ideas from other disciplines. Open space session was a great way to come together and learn about collective interests. Super place – delicious food and very nice experience to cook together, great opportunity to give skiing a go and take time out to relax in spa, snow-walking in moonlight was really special.Reflecting on open session, I wonder if it was necessary to continue working on the themes identified on the first day? I wonder if a slightly modified approach would be to come together at the beginning of each day to repeat the process so that collective themes could evolve over time in response to workshops and other activities unfolding?Congratulations to all of you who worked so hard to make Alpine Tales happen – and for it to be such a success.And thank you again for your hospitality and for looking after us all so well. I hope I get the opportunity to offer you a similar welcome in London. – Fiona Duggan

I really did enjoy every aspect of the winter workshop, the people, the place and the process. The building you used was just right, warm and big enough for us all to feel relaxed and find our own space. The rooms were comfortable and there was a continuous supply of hot water. The meals were so much better than I’d anticipated knowing that we were basically doing it all ourselves. This wasn’t strictly true, you and you fellow PCP chefs made delicious meals that just kept coming – they were good. Your father’s wine was memorable – do thank him and say how much it was appreciated. I loved the energy, enthusiasm and warmheartedness of all the participants, the atmosphere was such that people took care to look after and listen to each other. Your Italian colleagues embraced and included those of us who were new to the Italian PCP scene. I met some lovely people and hope to meet them again. The programme was just about the right mix to interest and involve everyone, I liked the workshop emphasis upon voice and movement, Ingrid and Alessia’s sessions were both stimulating and have stayed with me. Lucia and Mary pulled us all together actively with their story telling – an excellent session. What happened to the OST? It was a most useful open session which allowed everyone to contribute but it rather tailed off as the days went by, maybe it was intended as a way of introducing and bringing people together, I was disappointed that it dropped off the timetable as the “pre/non verbal constructive group” that I found myself in had an energy and was set to develop but eventually didn’t as other activities took over. Any regrets? I would have liked to join most of the workshops but timing and numbers prevented this – maybe more reflection on the workshops and the 4 days would have been useful. That said I have been left with a lot to think about, ideas and a renewed energy for living constructively. I can’t finish without enthusing about my discovery that I could still get down mountains on skis – it was a delight to have Saturday morning in perfect conditions, I was so grateful for you taking me along with you until my energy ran out and my legs began to shake. All in all a wonderful four days – a Dolomite delight! I’m already looking forward to the next Italian PCP event – do please keep me posted. Thank you for making it all possible and working so hard behind the scenes. – Chris Walker

AlpineTales2015Workshops (5)Cosa mi porto a casa da Alpine Tales? Un’esperienza tangibile di costruttivismo incarnato: una “scuola-non scuola”, in cui ciascuno è insegnante e allievo al contempo, perchè proprio come nella vita ciascuno ha qualcosa da trasferire o da accogliere, ciascuno è responsabile in prima persona del proprio contributo. I workshop e l’Open Space Technology, ma nondimeno i momenti di svago e di creativa gestione quotidiana, ci hanno permesso di far circolare le nostre risorse, inestricabilmente umane e professionali… osservare e al contempo prendere attivamente parte all’evento che prende forma sotto i nostri occhi – autopoieticamente – mi ha restituito fiducia nel “ciò che accade è il meglio che può accadere”. Grazie a tutti! Al prossimo AT! – Chiara Lui

AlpineTales2015Workshops (6)Arriving in Venice it was hard to believe that we were heading for snow. A hundred miles north and there was no doubt about the snow, and the most wonderful icicles hanging from the rock faces at the side of the roads. It snowed steadily for two days, with a total of over a metre . But it did not matter as we were totally involved in the Alpine experience. Nearly three days of living PCP… totally self organised learning and living. Often, when PCP enthusiasts talk together they say “I’m the only one where I work who is interested in PCP”. The Alpine Tales experience was an antidote to that sense of isolation. It was a wonderful example of living PCP….there appeared to be no structure, apart from what we created, yet quietly hidden was the underlying organisation which made it all flow smoothly, which emanated from Giovanni, Chiara and Susan. Right from the beginning we constructed the structure using Open Space frameworks. From this , themes of personal concern were identified and followed through over the three days. Alongside that were workshops and presentations, and also time for recreation. When the snow finally stopped we had a clear blue sky day, which allowed us to explore the skiing area and to walk in the mountains in the sunshine. We struggled to stop an almost obsessive refrain ‘walking in a winter wonderland’. On finally looking up the actual words we were amused to find a verse that says:

Later on We’ll conspire As we dream by the fire To face unafraid The plans that we’ve made Walking in a winter wonderland

– Peter Cummins & Sally Robbins

AlpineTales2015Workshops (4)

Alpine Tales‬, per me, è stato un momento prezioso di ‪‎incontro‬ umano e professionale, un’occasione di condivisione, di ‪‎partecipazione‬, di socialità e di crescita. Uno spazio in cui, attraverso l’incontro con l’altro, ho rinnovato il mio ‪‎entusiasmo‬. Lunga vita ad Alpine Tales! – Chiara Bleve


Cosa accade quando trentacinque persone provenienti dall’Italia e dall’Inghilterra, interessate a vario titolo alla psicologia costruttivista, vivono per quattro giorni in una casa alpina a 1350 mt s.l.m. condividendo sia i momenti formativi che quelli di gestione quotidiana della casa come preparare i pasti e pulire?

Cosa accade quando quella casa viene sepolta da una nevicata ininterrotta di quarantotto ore invitando tutti a ritrovarsi accanto al caminetto sempre acceso?

Cosa accade quando i partecipanti conducono e intervengono a workshop molto interessanti e creativi su nuovi modi di utilizzare il costruttivismo nella vita e nella terapia e si auto organizzano in gruppi attraverso lo strumento dell’Open Space Tachnology con l’obiettivo di individuare e descrivere le esperienze necessarie per crescere professionalmente attraverso il costruttivismo?

Cosa accade quando nel tempo libero escono ad esplorare il territorio, a sciare, a ciaspolare, a rilassarsi in una sauna, a bere una cioccolata calda in un rifugio?

AlpineTales2015Workshops (6)Oppure quando alla sera cantano, giocano, si raccontano? Cosa ne viene fuori?

Un’entusiasmante esperienza di scambio di idee utili alla professione e alla vita, una condivisione di strumenti nuovi e creativi per lavorare in modo strategicamente orientato, una riflessione sui progetti concreti per il futuro, una costruzione di contatti e relazioni che costituiscono un vero e proprio network di portata europea. Una grande esperienza di costruttivismo vissuto! Sicuramente da ripetere!

Giovanni Stella & Susan Bridi

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