Alpine Tales 2018

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Immagine1nuovo logo quadratoECTN and SCI are glad to invite you to Alpine Tales 2018, the fourth edition of the constructivist Winter School!

1 – 4 February 2018 – San Martino di Castrozza (TN), Italy



Alpine Tales is a residential training event organized by the European Constructivist Training Network (ECTN), a network of psychotherapy schools that train students in Personal Construct Psychology. The event is open to anybody who is interested in sharing their ideas and experiences on Constructivism and Personal Construct Psychology (PCP)

Previous editions have welcomed students, psychologists, professors, educational scientists, academics, researchers, architects, teachers and doctors from many different countries.


Alpine Tales is a concrete experience in embodying constructivism: a “school – not school”, where everyone is a teacher and a student at the same time, because, just like in our everyday life, everybody here has something to share and something to learn. Everyone is responsible in first person for their contribution.” (Chiara Lui).


Alpine Tales is a formative event based on three main principles:


In the spirit of constructivism, all the training activities are experiential. There are no seminars nor frontal lessons. The Winter School offers a program of workshops, intervision and experiential group activities (in the last editions, for example, we explored the Open Space Technology technique).


There are no distinction between students and teacher at Alpine Tales. Everyone is invited to participate in the group activities and to suggest a formative experience (See the information below on how to propose a workshop to the organizational committee).


Informal moments, such as leisure time, breaks, domestic activities, sport, relax, are considered a fundamental part of Alpine Tales. It is often during these informal moments between the participants that the best ideas are born. A walk on the snow or  a warm chocolate might be the perfect occasion to start a new professional collaboration and to grow our always wider constructivist network. The participants will share not only the formative moments, but also the everyday activities of the house, such leisure time, cooking and eating.





The event will be held in:img_8462-1

Casa Alpina “Val di Roda”:

in San Martino di Castrozza – Trentino (UNESCO Heritage), 1487 meters a.s.l.

Address: Via Colbricon n. 13, 38054 San Martino di Castrozza (TN)

In the house there are bedrooms for 4-5-6 people, all of them have a private bathroom.


San Martino di Castrozza is a well-known touristic location in Trentino and is part of the UNESCO Heritage. It is surrounded by the Dolomites and the view is breath-taking: from the village it is possible to see mountains such as Pale di San Martino, Cimon della Pala and Sass Maor.

San Martino is situated in the Paneveggio National Park. Here it is possible to visit the famous Violin Forest, where luthiers have been going for centuries in order to find the perfect wood for their violins. The location is also renowned for its skiing area San Martino e Passo Rolle (60 km of ski-slopes and 3 snow parks).

For further information on the location visit the website.

In the Alpine house the activities are self-organized and the staff is not included, therefore all the Winter School participants are invited to contribute in the house managing.

Other possible accommodations might be the hotels nearby, for example Hotel Letizia, Hotel Colbricon, Hotel Alpino, Hotel Regina or  Hotel Des Alpes.

Please note that there is no Wi-Fi in the house.

Alpine Tales 2018 is open to up to 36 participants.


How to reach the Alpine House

CLOSEST AIRPORTS – For those who will be flying in to Italy, the closest airports to San Martino di Castrozza are:

 WITH PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Take the train to Feltre (FS line: Padova-Belluno-Calalzo). At Feltre train station it is possible to get a bus to San Martino di Castrozza (45 km). Tickets are available at the station or on the bus.

Alternatively, it is possible to reach Trento by train (FS line: FS Verona-Brennero) and then take a bus to San Martino di Castrozza.


BY CAR: From Padua: Take Padova Ovest exit and enter SS47 Valsugana street (towards Bassanoauto/Trento). Once in Cismon del Grappa, take the SS50bis (towards Feltre/Belluno) and reach Arten. Here take the SS50 towards Primiero, San Martino e Passo Rolle. Padua – San Martino is about 130km.




The training activities are organized in order to promote the idea of a school without students and without Professors. They consist in:

1) EXPERIENCE FACTORY: experiential group activities on the topic WHAT ABOUT PASSION (participative and creative techniques) based on Open Space Technology Technique.

          Open Space Technology – experiments in group-centred learning

  • a simple, powerful way to catalyze effective working conversations and truly inviting organizations — to thrive in times of swirling change.
  • a methodological tool that enables self-organizing groups of all sizes to deal with hugely complex issues in a very short period of time.
  • a powerful group process that supports positive transformation in organizations, increases productivity, inspires creative solutions, improves communication and enhances collaboration.
  • the most effective process for organizations and communities to identify critical issues, voice to their passions and concerns, learn from each other, and, when appropriate, take collective responsibility for finding solutions.


2) Workshops on the topic WHAT ABOUT PASSION (proposed by participants)

  • Guilt: A Necessary Suffering 
    Richard Casebow (Psychotherapist – Edinburgh, Scotland)
  • Home – a lifelong passion
    Fiona Duggan (Architect & Consultant – London, UK)
  • Eco-stories – new narratives for the passionate politics of climate change
    Mary Frances (Consultant and Facilitator – Leamington Spa, UK)
  • Shall we make up? Exploring our personal meanings through our beauty cases
    Alessandra Pruneddu (Psychologist and Psychotherapist – Padua, IT)
  • This is our land? Israel and Palestine
    Chris Walker (Psychologist – London, UK)
  • Love: a life-long movie 
    Susan Bridi & Chiara Lui (Psychologists and Psychotherapists – Padua, IT


In the spirit of participative learning, everyone is invited to contribute to the event with their workshop proposal.

Please contact us at the address if you are interested in conducting a workshop or a formative experience on the topic “WHAT ABOUT PASSION”.

The deadline for the submission is the 31st of December 2017.




Registration at Alpine Tales 2018 has to be done online on this website.


If you enroll before the 31st of December 2017 the registration fee is 170 euros per person. This includes accommodation in the shared rooms in the house from Wednesday the 31st of January afternoon/evening to Sunday the 4th of February morning, as well as all meals and all the learning activities.

1 – 4 February are 3 full days of activity, ending with a farewell on Saturday the 3th evening. Participants are invited plan their arrival on Wednesday the 31st of January afternoon/evening, and their departure on Sunday the 4th morning. 

From the 1st until the 27th of January 2018 the registration fee will be 190 euros (accomodation included).

Other possible accomodation might be the hotels nearby, for example:

For those who are going to stay at the hotels the registration fee is 100 euros (for registrations before the 31st of December 2017) and includes all meals and all the learning activities. You will need to take care personally of your hotel reservation and hotel payment.

From the 1st until the 27th of January 2018 the registration fee will be 120 euros (accomodation not included).

The registration fee for Alpine Tales 2018 includes a 2018 membership to Società Costruttivista Italiana.

You can register online, but please note that your request will be considered valid only after the payment. Here is the information for the bank transfer:

HOLDER: Società Costruttivista Italiana
BRANCH: Piazza Insurrezione 10, 35139 Padova

IBAN: IT 69 S 03599 01899 0501 8853 0912, SWIFT: CCRTIT2TXXX

Please note that the international bank transfer fee is not included in the price.



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If you have any question or you need further information please contact us

Susan Bridi – Massimo Giliberto – Giovanni Stella – Chiara Lui